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Working On A New Podcast

  • Date: March 14, 2023
  • Time to read: 11 min.

So my first try at doing a podcast has finished after 15 episodes BUT it’s not the end!

My experience of making a podcast has been a really positive one, I find making the podcast a lot more enjoyable than doing Youtube videos or other long-form video content. The main reason is time. When I was doing Youtube videos, it took so much time to work out the content, then film the content, then edit the content, then upload it, it’s very common to spend two or three days making just one, five-minute video!

Now when you are busy with other time-consuming tasks, it’s very hard to justify spending three days on making one video. Making a podcast is less time-consuming and for me, it was more enjoyable. It’s so much easier to record an audio-only podcast and it can be done almost anywhere with ZERO editing (or minimal editing), you can literally record a voice note on your phone, then upload it to somewhere like buzzsprout and you will have a podcast that is available on loads of podcast platforms for anyone in the world to listen to.

Now of course if you want to have an intro/outro and things like, it’s best to jump on the computer to edit it all together BUT you can still record the main content on your phone whenever you want to, save it to the cloud (or other storage) then stitch it all together.

Most of the podcast episodes I produced were only 3 minutes to 8 minutes and since it’s a one-person podcast, it basically just me taking for 3+ minutes!

This is how I produce my podcast episodes:

  • I write down the content, which is made up of prompts, full content, questions, and short sections
  • I then record the audio using QuickTime player
  • I record a short intro and outro
  • I then upload the three audio files to create studio and stitch them together
  • The new audio is downloaded
  • I then upload it to buzzsprout

The whole process takes around 20 or 30 minutes!

So right now I am working on a new podcast season that will be more structured, have better content, and should be easier to follow along with. I do admit, that my podcast right now is a little messy with random episodes but I am thinking of setting it up like this:

  • KDP Monday
  • Affiliate Wednesday
  • Lifestyle Friday

Each one will have there own season and episodes, so if you only want KDP content, they will be found on Mondays, if you want ‘entrepreneur lifestyle’ content, you can find that on Fridays. I don’t have a set date for when the new podcast will go live but if you follow me on social media or join my free newsletter, you will get any updates about my new podcast.

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