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  • Date: January 27, 2023
  • Time to read: 2 min.

Hello and welcome to my website! I hope you are well today 🙂

I made this website, so you can follow along on my journey for passive income. This will more than likely be in the style of a day-to-day blog or weekly blog, where I will list any updates around what I am getting up to in terms of working towards a full-time online passive income.

Right now I have a few different projects on the go which I am hoping will help me to reach my goal, the goal, of course, is to earn a full-time online passive income (it’s easy to say but hard to do!)

Everything will be based on my view and how I see things, this will, of course, be purely informational and you should not take anything I say as advice, financial advice, or anything like that, you should always do your own research and form your own views and opinions before you invest money or start any type of business!

Now I don’t want to make these posts too long and boring because as we know, no one really likes to read random posts these days, it’s all about information and fast information! The format and style will of course be laid back and easy to read and follow (well I hope it will be) but I also hope, you might gain a little bit of knowdlge or insight in how you really can earn an income and a full-time income online if you do things the right way and have the right mindset from day one.

It will not be easy. something like 95% (it could be higher) of people that try to make a full-time income online (or any type of income online) tend to give up within the first couple of months and most give up within six months – so there must be a reason for this and I believe it’s down to mindset and results! – more on this click here!

Ok, so this is just a quick hello and welcome post, to read more posts about my journey and what I am getting up to, head on over to the main blog page and also feel free to follow me and of course connect with me on any of my social media channels, which you can find below!

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