KDP Business Journey


Here is a list of tools that I use in my daily passive income journey

Popcorn Theme

One of the best WordPress themes I have seen for building niche websites. This is a super-fast content-based theme & very easy to use. Check it out for yourself & grab a lifetime copy.

Buy Sell Text

Get high converting web & blog content written to your exact requirements by American writers. I use buy-sell text weekly to all my niche websites


This is of the best tools I have used online! I use canva EVERYDAY! Amazing tool for all types of graphics, social media posts, videos, logos, articles images and so much more.

Krystal Hosting (UK)

100% Green Web Hosting Provider! I have used Krystal since 2018 & they are the best hosting providers I have ever used. I love Krystal because they are eco, plant trees & so much more.

Low Fruits

Find the untapped keywords in an SEO competitive world. Really great tool for finding niche-related keywords you can rank for!