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Sub 4 Sub Doesn’t Work

  • Date: January 27, 2023
  • Time to read: 1 min.

Do you want to know why 99% of subs 4 subs have little to no effect on your channel?

Sub 4 sub would work great if it was all about numbers but it isn’t!

As with all social platforms,  the key to success is down to engagement & it always has been! It doesn’t matter if your content is good or bad, if the engagement is high, the content will be pushed to more & more people!

So this is why sub 4 sub doesn’t work, someone subs to your channel &

1) doesn’t anything

2) likes a couple of videos

3) likes and comments on a couple of video’s

& that’s it! They never come back or engage with your channel/content again!

That’s no good for anyone & it won’t help your channel at all.

In fact,  sub 4 sub can harm your channel!! It can lower your reach & decrease your channel value in the eyes of Youtube. It could lead to Youtube not suggesting your content to a wider audience or even to your subs!

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