KDP Business Journey


Welcome to my website and my KDP business journey.

You have probably landed on this website because you are interested in starting a KDP business or are currently building a KDP business, either way, it’s great to have you here! 

You can read more information about me and my KDP business journey by clicking on the About me button to the right. Also, don’t miss out on valuable KDP tips and updates – be sure to subscribe to my newsletter for direct delivery of KDP information right to your inbox.

Recent Articles

Day 10

Here we are on Day 10 of the year 2024. Let’s take a moment to revisit the purpose behind building my online business. The first...

Day 9

On day 9, we learn that asking others is a good idea! Since I started building a business online, I pretty much keep it to...

Day 8

It’s Monday but for some reason on Day 8 of the 2024 Yearbook – I am feeling pretty motivated about the year ahead! I think...

Day 7

Here we are on Day 7 of the 2024 Yearbook – Today I will be doing some more KDP keyword research, I think I have...
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