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KDP Round Up For April 2023

  • Date: April 30, 2023
  • Time to read: 2 min.

Here is my KDP round-up for April 2023. This round-up will show the total number of books, sales, KNEP reads, and estimated royalties. I will also briefly summarize this month’s results with KDP.

Total Books

The number of published books for this month is actually 21. When you view KDP it will give you the total number of books you have (published & unpublished) which can be a little misleading in my view. So right now I have 21 published books that are available to buy on Amazon.

Units Ordered

The number of orders this month is 23, this includes printed books and ebooks. This number is lower than last month because I ran a free book promotion on one of my books last month. I would like to see a much better increase in sales moving forward, I don’t make daily sales, it still seems to come in bursts, so I might not make a sale for a week & then the next week, I’ll make 2/3 sales a day.

KNEP Reads

This is one of the best months for me in terms of KNEP reads! I published a high-content book, it has over 150 pages of content at the start of the month, so this has really helped with KNEP reads. I don’t actually think you make that much money (royalties) with KNEP but this is something I will be looking to increase moving forward.

Estimated Royalties

Again, this is one of my better months with KDP. Royalties are $33.54 – which is an increase of $10. I normally hit around the $20 royalty mark each month, so to have an increase of $10 is good for me. I believe this is down to the high-content book. Because the book is high-content, it has more pages, which means the royalties are at 70% for this book, it’s over $2 per paperback sale. I would like to see this month-on-month going forward.


I do have fewer sales this month compared to last month but my royalties are increased by $10, again this is due to the high-content book. This is something I wish to keep increasing every month going forward and I do have plans for a few more high-content books, which could help to improve sales & KNEP reads.

Of course, the sales & royalties this month are not life-changing BUT it’s an improvement, which is the aim with KDP for me. If I can keep improving each month, adding more books, increasing royalties, and building a brand, that can only be a good thing moving forward.

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