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  • Date: April 15, 2023
  • Time to read: 3 min.

Hello & Welcome!

So this week I felt I was going a little off-track with my journey path. If you follow me, you know I am on a journey to build a KDP & affiliate business in 2023, with the main aim being on KDP.

As I was doing some KDP research and looking into some new niches, I was finding myself moving off into other ‘side projects’ for some reason, what started out at looking into a brand in the cooking niche, ended up with me going off into making reels & youtube shorts which had nothing to do with KDP, affiliate marketing or my journey!

But I didn’t beat myself up to much about this, yes it ended up being a couple of days wasted BUT for me, this is all part of the journey, it’s just something that I will need to keep an eye on and make sure it doesn’t happen too much!

So, let’s move on to this update!

KDP has been doing OK for me, my month-on-month sales from last year are up. This means I made more in January this year than in January last year and that continues for February, and March – yes it’s March now but I have already made more sales than in March last year.

My focus now with KDP is to move into more high-content books, I find myself moving away from medium-content books, I already stopped and removed all my no and low-content books a few months ago! I feel that I won’t be making many more medium-content books, which I class as coloring books, activity books, and things like that. I won’t stop coloring books completely but it will not be my main focus anymore.

I believe what will be the best fit for me in building my KDP business is brandable high-content books, so an example of this would be something like a series of cooking books all under the same author and branding. Of course, to do this will take better research and better quality content but I think this will be the right path for me within my KDP business journey.

Right now I am writing a high-content book with one of my writers and one of my editors is working alongside us as well, so hopefully, this will be on sometime within the next two months, I am also doing some more research into another high content niche that I can build a few books around, in total, I hope to publish around 5 high-content books this year.

I am also working on new podcast setup with better content and layout. The very first podcast I did, I feel it was a little all over the place and there was no structure but I now have a plan in place and a better structure, so I hope to start this next month, as I am just writing content for this right now. I did enjoy doing the first podcast and found it to suit me better than spending hours making short video content, so I’ll see how this new setup works out but I believe it will be grand.

So, all in all, the journey so far this year (2023) seems to be going fine, of course, I want to turn this into a full-time income, which I am WAY off from right now BUT everyone has to start somewhere, right! If you would like to follow my journey, then join my free newsletter below where I will send out short updates, tips, and information about KDP, affiliate marketing, and my podcast.

If you have made it this far, THANK YOU so much for reading, please feel free to share and connect with me on social media.

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