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How To Grow On Social Media

  • Date: January 27, 2023
  • Time to read: 2 min.

If you want to grow on any platform it comes down to two things, content and engagement

it doesn’t matter about SEO, hashtags, keywords, titles, thumbnails, and everything else – all of that stuff is just extra sauce to make your content look good!

Good content will always come to the top and engagement will always give the biggest reach! Every platform wants people to stay on their platform for as long as possible, so if people keep coming back to view your content or engage with your content (or with you) – then you will be pushed to the top.

All the other stuff is just ‘shiny sauce’ to get you noticed by people scrolling – your main focus should always be content and engagement.

Engagement means to go out and talk to people in the same niche as you, comment on their content, reply to comments on their content, and of course, engage with your own content & followers. Never be spammy and never post comments with links to your own content. Just engage with the content in a normal way & be helpful.

So remember –

1) Content – make sure it’s something people will be interested in & will understand.
2) Engagement – make sure you are engaging with other content on the same platform and that you are also engaging with any followers you have.

These two things will help you to move you any algorithm, which will give you more reach and inturn hopefully more followers that engage with you.


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