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Google Updates For Website Owners

  • Date: January 27, 2023
  • Time to read: 1 min.

I’ve said this from day one when starting out online, I have a zero interest in google updates,lol. I have lost count of the amount of updates I’ve seen (I still remember the first panda update) and when we start to see a core update, everyone goes crazy for a few weeks and SEO people start making a few extra dollars.

Listen the best thing you can do is build a brand around the website. Don’t even worry about SEO, start a website, keep filling it with content, build a branded page on social media platforms and get people to engage on the social pages.

Think of the website like a car:
The website is the engine (core)
The content is the fuel
The bodywork is the brand – social media pages, seo, backlinks and all of this can be changed at any time.

Websites will be hit all the time, it will go up, go down or stay the same and to be honest, no one really knows why, I don’t even think Google could look at your website and tell you what happen!

The one thing you need to worry about is CONTENT.

I believe in, believing in yourself!

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I believe in, believing in yourself!

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