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Faceless Instagram Theme Page

  • Date: January 24, 2024
  • Time to read: 2 min.

Day 1 of the new faceless theme page.

After a couple of days I have finally managed to get access to an old fitness theme page I had! I had to contact Facebook support and remove a few things from an old business account but now everything is good!

So this is what I have done so far:

– New Logo

– New Facebook header

– New Bio

– Setup the website again (see below for more information)

– Removed all old posts, reels & highlights

New Logo & Facebook Header

This is what pretty simple, I just went to Canva and made a basic logo and Facebook header. Nothing special at all, I might change the colors on the logo later on but for now it will do just fine.

New Bio

The old bio was pretty basic, so I have just updated it, to make it more appling. Since this page is in the fitness niche, the bio reflects what the page is about and how it can help people looking to improve their personal fitness.


Ok, so this was an extra step, I am used to making wordpress websites, so setting up a website to match the theme page was pretty easy for me. I will use the website later on for AI articles and landing pages for ebooks – again, this is an extra step if the page does well but the foucs will be to grow and build out the page.

Removed old content

Since I wanted to start this page from ‘fresh’ – I made the choice to remove all content (once I gained access again). So now the page is empty with no content BUT just to be clear the page has 285 followers BUT the last content was posted to the page in May 2022, so I am pretty sure most if not all of the followers will be gohst followers by now.

Moving forward

The next steps will now be to start posting content on to the page, posts, reels and stories. In the next update, I will share the type of content am going (or have) posted and any stats! 

I am not sure if I will do a daily update as this seems a little too much, so I will most likely do a weekly update on the page. As before, I will not be sharing the page BUT I will post screenshots of the stats as I build out the page (like the ones below).

See you in the next update!

Faceless Instagram Page Stats
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