KDP Business Journey

Day 7

  • Date: January 7, 2024
  • Time to read: 2 min.

Here we are on Day 7 of the 2024 Yearbook – Today I will be doing some more KDP keyword research, I think I have found a nice little keyword and niche but will need to do some more research on Amazon and check some more keywords on PublisherRocket to see what the outcome is.

So, I was conducting some research on PublisherRocket the other day, and I think I’ve found a promising keyword to produce new books.

However, the niche that this book relates to seems a bit tricky because when you input the keyword into the Amazon search bar, there aren’t many independent publishers. However, there are books from the latter part of 2023 that appear to be selling well.

For the rest of today, I plan to conduct further research on Amazon regarding this keyword and also explore outsourcing books within this niche. This is to see what comes up and if many books are being produced by freelancers.

This year is dedicated to optimizing KDP practices and elevating the monthly income I currently receive from KDP into three and four figures!

I do have three new books in the final editing stages. These are high-content books related to different niches and are part of an author brand that I am looking to build on KDP.

It’s all part of my 2024 KDP plan, but as with anything in life, sometimes a plan doesn’t go as planned! You just have to believe in yourself, believe in the process, and keep moving forward.

I genuinely believe I can make a full-time income from KDP if I follow this plan. So, let’s see what happens!

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