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Day 32 – Feel Like Giving Up

  • Date: February 1, 2024
  • Time to read: 2 min.

Day 32 of the 2024 yearbook!

Feel Like Giving Up – When you start building an online business or income stream, there will be many days when you feel like giving up and for many reasons!

– No income
– No Sales
– No social growth
– No email growth
– Not hitting daily/monthly goals and targets
– Daily life issues
– This list could go on and on.

But one thing that we must remember is that most of the reasons above will fade away and become less of an issue. At some point, the sales/income will come, you will start seeing some growth, and the daily or monthly goals will be reached BUT it all comes down to time and how much time you are willing to give yourself to see everything through.

Take my KDP account, at one point, was actually making ZERO sales each month and that was for months in a row, then I would maybe make $6 in one month, then go back to ZERO sales account BUT for the last 12 months, I have been making at least $20 every month – (big wow!) BUT making that $20 each month actually provides that something is working and now the aim is to start doubling that $20 monthly income from KDP ($40,$80,$160, etc.).

For me, everything is slow and steady – yes of course I would love to be making $5k – $10k every month with KDP but let’s be honest, the number of people that are actually making that amount are in the 1% because if it was that easy, everyone would be doing it…..right!

But of course, the aim is to reach that 1% because what’s the point in building an online business if you are not going to try and reach as high as you can. Of course, you will have days when you feel like giving up BUT just remember why you started in the first place, go look at the goals and dreams you have written down and just remember that the bad days only last for 24 hours!

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