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Day 28 – Should you build a Faceless KDP Author profile

  • Date: January 28, 2024
  • Time to read: 3 min.

Day 28 of the 2024 yearbook!

Should you build a Faceless KDP Author profile?

If you are building a KDP business, you may have been publishing books that are in different niches, things like children’s books, self-help books, cooking books, and so on, with doing that, you may know that it’s not a very good idea to be publishing under the same name across different niches – so this is what most people do.

They build a KDP business in one niche and build an author profile around that as well BUT what if you don’t want to show your face, what do you do then…well, you build a faceless author profile, but how far should you go?

This is how I am building one faceless account:
– Pen Name
– Logo
– Facebook page
– Instagram page
– website
– Email list

Pen Name
This is pretty simple, you just choose a name to be used as your author name, of course, you can’t use any names that are already being used.

So for me, a logo has many uses – I actually use the logo as my ‘image’ – since I am building a faceless author profile, a logo is key to how people will recognize me as an author and my brand.

Facebook page
A Facebook page is key to building up a social profile and a great way to let people (readers) connect with you and it’s great for promoting your books.

Instagram Page
So having an Instagram page will lockin with the Facebook page, it will allow you to use Creator Studio (Facebook) to post to both Facebook & Instagram to make your life easier. It’s also great for building your profile since you can be active within the book community on Instagram.

Having a website is an extra step, one which might be a little too much or too far for most people building a KDP business but since I am very used to working with WordPress, it was very easy for me to set up a website. A website will also bring a little bit more authority to you as an author with Amazon and with your readers. It’s also great for promoting your books, giveaways, and building an email list.

Email list
So you may know the phrase ‘The money is in the list’! – Building an email list as an author is massive, I would say it’s one of the most important things you can do when building an author profile/KDP business. Let’s just say you have an email list that has 2,000+ subscribers on it, when you come to release a new book, you can email everyone on that list to let them know and you just might get some sales right way, which is a great signal to Amazon that people want to see and buy your book! I’ll cover email lists in another post.

BUT – should you be doing all this or are you just wasting time, time that could be spent doing keyword research and publishing better books – well for me, it’s a personal choice, I want to build this faceless author account because I will be publishing many books under this pen name, so for me, it makes sense to have a presence off Amazon, somewhere that I can build up a readership and connect with people who have brought my books and so on.

Again, how you build your KDP business / Faceless author profile is totally up to you, it’s a personal choice and should be something that works for you. Of course, take advice and tips from people who are already doing what you want to do but make sure you also do what works for you.

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