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Day 24 – Don’t listen to everyone

  • Date: January 24, 2024
  • Time to read: 2 min.

Day 24 of the 2024 yearbook!

So today, I just want to say “Don’t listen to everyone”

Once you start doing KDP, you will start to notice more and more content from other people who are also doing KDP and if you listen to all of them, you will just get lost in all the noise!

There is so much KDP content on YouTube and other social media platforms, that you wouldn’t have enough time to view all of it, let alone take any of the information in and put it to good use.

Instead, try to find 1-3 people who are where you want to be with your own KDP business, then maybe find 1-2 people who are where you are now or close to it – then start following them, ask questions, reach out to them and so on. The 1-3 who are where you want to be would be able to give you the best information and help, and the 1-2 who are where you are now are the people you can bounce ideas off and give each other advice and tips.

With that being said, it’s not a massive make or break to your own KDP business if you follow this person or that person because you should always do your own research and do what you think is best for you (even if it turns out to be wrong or a mistake) – you will learn more this way!

Just remember we are all on different levels and have different outcomes, what works for one person, might not work for the next, so just do what works for you and will give you the best outcome to reach your KDP goals.

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