My Story

About My Passive Income Journey

On this page you will find a little bit more information about me and why I love passive income and how it can change your life!

Keeping It Real

This is me and my journey as I try to build a full-time online passive income, no BS! Just honest, real Information & updates.

My History

Nothing special here at all! I am just a normal bloke, with a very normal background! My work history is all in retail, so everything I have learnt so far, is 100% self taught via Youtube, online courses and hours of online searches!

My Mission

Ok mission is a bit OTT! But maybe trying to build an online passive income is a mission, after all, the core purpose of this journey is to change my life via building a full time online passive income!


It’s incredibly important to stay motivated on this journey – building an online passive income can be a lonely place!

My Vision

Simple – to build an honest, trustworthy brand that can change my life and also the lives of the people around me. To reach the goals I have set for myself and improve myself along the way.

Time Until One Year Journey Update

The timer has been set for 23rd of November 2022 – this is the date I will give a full one-year update on my passive income journey, will I be successful, will I still be doing this, who knows! Stick around for the journey and find out!


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