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About My KDP Journey

Welcome to my website! On this website I will share my journey as I try to build a successful Kindle Direct Publishing business.

Through this blog, you will find real-life stories, helpful advice, and creative strategies to help you pursue your dreams of financial freedom. I’ll explore topics such as how to effectively market your KDP books, how to maximize your income, and how to stay motivated and stay on track with your goals.

Whether you’re just getting started or already have an existing KDP business, this blog will provide you with the resources and insights you need to reach success.

My History

Nothing special here at all! I am just a normal bloke, with a very normal background! My work history is all in retail, so everything I have learnt so far, is 100% self taught via Youtube, online courses and hours of online searches!

My KDP History

I published my first book on KDP in February 2021, over the next year or so I pretty much didn't do anything with KDP, I published a couple of books here and there but it was all random, I would publish a book without research or planning, I didn't do any keyword or niche research. But then in September 2022, I published a halloween coloring book with made me $130 in October! This of course gave me the wake up call to say "hey, KDP really does work'! So during 2023, I decided to start really looking into KDP and getting information from people who are already way ahead of me and are sharing their knowledge about this business to others. Now in 2024, I aim to grow my KDP business into a full time income steam that will give me the time and financial freedom I am looking for.

Keeping It Real

This is me and my journey as I try to build a full-time online passive income, no BS! Just honest, real Information & updates.

My Mission

To change my life, ok that might be OTT! But maybe trying to build an online passive income is a mission, after all, the core purpose of this journey is to change my life via building a full time online passive income!


It’s incredibly important to stay motivated on this journey – building an online passive income can be a lonely place, it takes time, there will be more downs than up's but you have to believe in what you are doing and keep reaching for that end goal.

My Vision

Simple – to build an honest, trustworthy brand that can change my life and also the lives of the people around me. To reach the goals I have set for myself and improve myself along the way.

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