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Welcome to my website! On this website I will share my journey as I try to build a successful Kindle Direct Publishing business and to also build passive income with affiliate marketing.

Through this blog, you will find real life stories, helpful advice, and creative strategies to help you pursue your own dreams of financial freedom. I’ll explore topics such as how to effectively market your KDP books, how to maximize your income from affiliate marketing, and how to stay motivated and stay on track with your goals.

Whether you’re just getting started or already have an existing business, this blog will provide you with the resources and insights you need to reach success.

My Passive Income Methods

Here are the main methods I will be using on my passive income journey

Affiliate Marketing

Here I will share my affiliate marketing journey

KDP Journey

Here I will share my KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing) journey


Here you can listen to my KDP & Affiliate marketing journey!

Latest Blog Posts

Here are all my latest posts & updates. Follow me and my journey as I try to make a full-time online passive income.

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Journey Updates

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